Adrienne and Lois on The Stylish Kind

April 17, 2015

The Stylish Kind is a style and fashion blog by Jacquelyn Lewis, founder of the Ethical Writers Coalition, focusing on fashion that is good for people, for the animals, and for the environment. With such similar values, it was only fitting when Jacquelyn interviewed LAFC co-founders Adrienne and Lois!

Lois & Adrienne on The Stylish Kind - LA Fashionista Compassionista

Check out the full interview through the link below:

WHAT THEY WEAR: LA Fashionista Compassionista Creators Adrienne Borgersen & Lois Eastlund

Adrienne on Main Street Vegan on Unity FM Radio

October 8, 2014

Victoria Moran, founder of Main Street Vegan Academy, invites our editor-in-chief, Adrienne, on her radio show on Unity FM Radio in anticipation of LAFC’s first debut issue in November 2014 (Victoria is the cover model!). They are joined by Talia Fuhrman, nutritionist, author of Love Your Body, and daughter of Joel Fuhrman, M.D.

Main Street Vegan - LA Fashionista Compassionista

Listen in on the full interview at Unity FM Radio!


Out & About

We love to support as many animal advocacy events and animal friendly businesses as possible.  Here are more places you may have seen us.  Hope to see you soon & say hello!

Photo credits: our own

Farm Sanctuary Gala

LAFC at the Farm Sanctuary Gala!

October 24, 2015

Wow, what a night! We were so excited to get all dressed up and party with old and new friends, to celebrate all of the animals rescued by Farm Sanctuary. Not only did this annual, star-studded, elegant event raise a lot of money for the animals, we also got some huge news.  Guests of honor Tracey and John Stewart announced that their animal farm will become another location for Farm Sanctuary!  Hooray for increased awareness and the big hearts of the Stewarts.

Highlights from the gala:

Photo credits: our own

Cowspiracy Premiere

Yes, LAFC rocked out at the Cowspiracy movie premiere!

August 21, 2015

If you haven’t heard of Cowspiracy, it’s an eye-opening documentary highlighting the monumental, destructive impact of animal agriculture and commercial fishing on our planet. But while it may seem like an insurmountable problem, the good news is that there is something you and I can do as individuals!

By becoming aware of the food choices we make and where we spend our money, we can take back the power from the greedy industries that are destroying the Earth and create a massive wave of positive change. High fives!

Here’s a short, 1-minute clip from Cowspiracy:

You can watch the entire film here:

But back to the party…

Photo credits: our own

Have you watched Cowspiracy? If so, what about it shocked you or stuck with you the most? Share in the comments!

*Bonus: Have you pledged to take the 30-Day Vegan Challenge? What inspired you to do it, and what are you hoping to accomplish? We’d love to support you on your journey however we can!

The Seed Experience 2015

LAFC at the Seed Experience… onstage!

June 20 & 21, 2015

This was our very first table at a festival!  The Seed Experience holds events all year long, raising awareness of the various aspects of the vegan lifestyle.  The Expo is their biggest, annual event showcasing tons of products and showcasing interesting speakers to educate and answer questions about animal welfare, health and even fashion.

Our Editor in Chief, Adrienne Borgersen hosted a panel called “Do You Know Where Your Clothes Come From? Why Veganism is Not Just a Diet, but a Lifestyle”  discussing the impact of fashion on animals. Did you know that leather, fur, wool, feathers and silk are sourced from animals, in ways that are just as cruel as factory farming?

Some of our favorite moments…

Photo credits: our own