The Good Karma Diet Book Launch

May 20, 2015

We came out to support our friend and mentor Victoria Moran, celebrating her latest creation, The Good Karma Diet.  We’re even mentioned in the book!

Photo credits: our own

Launch Party

Highlights from our magazine launch party!

Despite the bone chilling cold (it was 9 degrees), 150 of our friends and subscribers (who we also consider friends) came out to celebrate the launch of our magazine!  Over 60 sponsors and volunteers donated their time and talents to help prepare delicious vegan food, drinks, a rockin’ goodie bag, great music, and a raffle to raise money for Tuff Tails Animal Rescue.  It was tons of fun.  Were you there?


Party all night!

Photo credits: Drew B. Photography, Gerard Isaacson, and our own

Our Lifestyle section

Stay tuned!

We’ll be posting some awesome lifestyle features in this area very soon.

In the meantime, have you checked out our latest yummy edition of “Beauty from the Inside Out” on page 51 of our Spring 2016 issue? I don’t know about you, but my mouth is watering as we speak (psst: it involves chocolate!).

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Our Beauty section

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We’ll be bringing you some gorgeous beauty features in this area very soon.

Meanwhile, have you seen our “New Looks for Spring” on page 14 of our Spring 2016 issue? Join Club #fashcompash on the right (or below, if you’re on a mobile device) to access your free subscription!

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Our Fashion section

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We’ll be sharing some fabulous fashion features (alliteration not intended) in this area soon.

While you’re waiting, have you seen our latest edition of “Minimalist Style” on page 36 of our Spring 2016 issue? Victoria Moran brings us practical wisdom on how to bring back sanity into our closets.

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