More Cowbell at CAS Cocktails and Cow Tales!

What a great night for Catskill Animal Sanctuary! Their Cocktails and Cow Tales event, was a big hit!  The house was packed with guests who came out to mingle, party, learn more about the farm and most importantly, save animals.

Kathy Stevens, in her fab, little orange dress, did not disappoint at pulling at our heartstrings, while speaking about the farm and the animals.  The rescue situations are devastating. How she and her team take these animals in, rehabilitate them and give them the lives they deserve, is nothing short of miraculous. This is a team some of the most humble, dedicated, hard working and amazing people I’ve ever met.

photo by me
Kathy Stevens.  Photo by LAFC.

Click here to watch a short clip of Kathy talk about the animals and how she really feels about that dress  😉

People swarmed the sponsorship tables. Every time an animal was sponsored, a cowbell rang.  I will tell you, that bell rang all night!

...because you can never have too much cowbell. Right?
…because you can never have too much cowbell. Right?

Each sponsorship creates funds that contribute directly to the care of these animals.  You can adopt an animal anytime you want (how about now??) by clicking here.  SPONSOR

Along with tables filled with silent auction items and t shirts for sale, guests contributed over $66,000 for CAS!!

Auction Table.  Photo by Ruth McDade
Auction Table. Photo by Ruth McDade

A board member spoke, letting us know that, “…Charity Navigator is the country’s leading evaluator of over 8,000 U.S. charities’ financial health and transparency. On a scale of of zero to four stars, Catskill Animal Sanctuary has earned four stars and is ranked in the top 6% overall. We’re the highest ranked farmed animal sanctuary.” Wow – well deserved, CAS!

Kathy Stevens & Chef Jay Astafa. Photo by Ruth McDade
Kathy Stevens & Chef Jay Astafa. Photo by Ruth McDade

But, back to the party… generously passed hors d’oeuvres by the amazing Chef Jay Astafa included jackfruit tacos, (dairy free) mozzarella caprese, beet burger sliders and for dessert, strawberry (dairy free) milkshake shooters with a mini donut.  O. M. G.

Delicious Caprese, dairy free mozzarella and tomato. Photo by LAFC
Delicious Caprese, dairy free mozzarella and tomato. Photo by LAFC

Topped off with a wine and juice bar, I guarantee everyone left with a full belly and a full heart.

Please support CAS and visit the farm often, for a heart swelling, life changing experience!

Chef Fran Costigan and Adrienne. Photo by LAFC
Chef Fran Costigan and Adrienne. Photo by LAFC
CAS Marketing & Activity Director Michelle Alvarez. Photo by LAFC
Adrienne with CAS Outreach Manager, Michelle Alvarez. Photo by LAFC

Come on out to Catskill Animal Sanctuary’s Cocktails and Cow Tales!

Hey, it’s me, Adrienne – Editor in Chief of LAFC!  I want to tell you about a very special event coming up soon in NYC, that I hope you will attend.

Kathy Stevens with Franklin
Kathy Stevens with Franklin

One of my favorite places in the whole world is Catskill Animal Sanctuary.  In the peaceful town of Saugerties, in upstate NY, is a vast farmland full of animals, rescued from abusive factory farming and hoarding situations.  Founder & Director Kathy Stevens and her super awesome team are dedicated to the rehabilitation of these animals, giving them the lives they deserve.

My friend Beth and me, rubbing pig bellies at CAS!
My friend Beth and me, rubbing pig bellies at CAS!

You are in for a treat, as they are coming to NYC to throw their Cocktails and Cow Tales celebration! Come on out and join us on Tuesday, June 7th, 6:00 pm –8:30 pm, at Home Studios (873 Broadway, Manhattan).

Tickets are $125 ($100 is tax-deductible). Hurry, tickets are still available, get yours here!

I love this t-shirt!
I love this t-shirt!

Have some fun, meet great people, pick up one of their fab T-shirts (this one’s my fave) and sponsor a rescued animal with some yummies for your tummy, courtesy of Chef Jay Astafa.  I can tell you from personal experience, Jay’s all vegan, creative fare is worth the price of admission, alone. Round it all out with a cocktail and you have a perfect evening, all in support of the glorious mission of CAS!


I hope to see you there!  But, if you can’t make it, you can still make a difference in the lives of these precious animals, with a donation here

Kathy telling visitors about horses.  Have you read her book "Where the Blind Horse Sings"?
Kathy telling visitors about horses. Have you read her book “Where the Blind Horse Sings”?

To give you an idea of the work done at CAS, here’s a cow tale about CAS’s latest rescue, a calf named Lil’ Guy and watch him here!

He arrived on 5/11 from the beef farm where he was born in April 2015. He didn’t nurse as much as he should have and became weak. The farmer bottle fed him, but he eventually developed an infection. He recovered, but it was clear he had developed a problem with his hind legs.

The farmer continued to bottle feed and care for him, even going as far to help him up. But his condition worsened.

It reached a point where the he either needed to find him a home or euthanize him. A friend offered to help and reached out to us.

We took him in not knowing if we could help him or just make sure his final days were happy. But it was clear that he was not ready to give up, so we aren’t ready yet either.

As typical for new arrivals, we kept him in quarantine as we got to know him. It takes two of us to help him up each time. But we do and have consulted with our vets. We’re still determining the best course of action, but have focused on getting him up as much as possible. While he was in quarantine, we distributed fresh grass throughout his stall to encourage him, however short a distance, to walk towards his food.

We frequently massage his leg and spine — you can hear him sigh when we do. He must be in so much pain, to have a moment’s relief must be a new experience.

He’s now out of quarantine. This week we’re going to introduce him to the Underfoots (the family of animals allowed to roam the grounds freely). Our hope is that being out in the fresh air and sunshine with other animals will encourage more walking.

Stay tuned for stories and photos of the event!  If you see me, say hi and take a selfie with me for the blog!

More info about Catskill Animal Sanctuary at